Koen Vermeersch (43)

Gewezen martial arts kampioen en met 30 jaar training ervaring in België, Duitsland, Frankrijk, VS, China (16 jaar) en Thailand (3 jaar).


Hij is een hotel en immobiliën asset manager verantwoordelijk voor een 300 miljoen Euro portfolio in Thailand. Hij is ook directeur aan “The Board of the European Association of Business and Commerce”.


Gecertificeerde Masters in Chinese Martial Arts, Chinese Taal, Marketing, EU Politiek en Regelgeving en immobiliën beheer.

Drugs for brains, 2010

If you have teenagers that are ready to go into the world, this is a great book to give them that explains the dangers of drugs and the beauty of martial arts is put in light.

Why the EU and the USA react differently to the Chinese investment wave.

This is a great book about how the major powers are fighting for their position in the world with a conclusion that is now more accurate than ever, a must read

A policy vision for Europe, 2015

This book is a great tool for politicians and EU commission and parliament members to have a very progressive and holistic view on how the EU law could and should be written, a must read.